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We offer the full spectrum of agile learning programs
with accomplished instructors to startups and enterprises
A pool of agile consultants at your service –
delivering value at your office, with your team
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Improve your skills through courses
of bullet-proof efficiency
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consultants available for your project.


We are veteran agile coaches with a track record in successfully supporting product
development projects at more than 50 clients in Hungary. We boost the ability of teams to
deliver higher value products in less time. To ensure sustainable results, we work for positive change in company culture.


Our company consists of professional Agile Coaches facilitating efficient transformation on all scales, from startups to large enterprises. As a unique service in the local market, we can also provide a large pool of competent Scrum Masters and Product Owners to work on a wide range of development projects.


We introduce living agility by applying state-of-the-art theory and practices to the real-life
working environment. There is no cookie-cutter approach: we tailor our methods to the actual processes and needs of clients. We work to enable top management to take better decisions for a sustainable agile transition.

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Bence Kulcsar

Agile Coach, Chief Consultant
Bence is the lead consultant of agile consultancy company Agilab. He is an advocate for value driven systems, organization designs…
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Mihaly Ando

Agile Coach, Agile Consultant
Misi is the senior consultant of agile consultancy company Agilab. He promotes collaborating teams, adapting organizations, and corporate cultures where…
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Zsolt Janovszki

Founder, CEO, Agile Consultant
Zsolt got first in touch with agile around 2005, gained deep and broad knowledge in various agile methodologies including Lean,…
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We provide

We provide agile coaching, business consultancy and scrum master services to knowledge-based software development, research and development companies, startups, as well as to the IT and business development departments of a wide range of local or international companies.


In our consultancy activities, we combine coaching and training in order to introduce agility with maximum efficiency. We work to build sustainable, value-driven processes on all levels of the organization from the project team to the CEO.


In order to achieve an optimal solution for each client, Agilab offers a wide range of Lean, Agile, Kanban and Scrum techniques and services in line with the needs of the organization, individual teams, specific roles or skill areas. Our unique pool of Scrum Masters provide you practical, daily, on-site support to implement agile changes.


Coaching is essential for teams to introduce new practices and processes in their daily work. Agilab will help your team bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. We provide guidance throughout the agile transformation process, not leaving our clients alone in applying principles learned during training to specific situations.


We are ready to help you transform your organization or team. Agile means closer links to quality, quicker innovation, higher morale and increased productivity. Agilab’s Coaches and Scrum Masters will work with you to identify goals, assess the current situation, design a roadmap for change and guide your team throughout the process.

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