Zsolt Janovszki
Founder, CEO, Agile Consultant
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LocationBudapest, Hungary
Current WorkCEO at Agilab
Past WorkCEO at agilitas.hu
Specialist InAgile Management, Product owner coaching
Experience15+ years project management and enterprise IT


Zsolt got first in touch with agile around 2005, gained deep and broad knowledge in various agile methodologies including Lean, Scrum and Kanban. He held several pieces of training and workshops for telco and utility companies, and wide range of companies in IT service sector to make them able to find much more productive ways of working.

As a result of more than ten years in agile practice, Zsolt became a senior agile coach. He leads and supports financial (banks and insurance) and telco entities in project and/or enterprise agile transformation.

Zsolt is working on Agilab’s continuous improvement also as CEO. He desperately wants this company to be known as the „stealth profit maker” by his customers. He believes that the profit is the result of better decisions regarding the value delivery, which are supported by Agilab in 7/24.